Heavenly Villa in Bale, Istria

The district of Bale, entirely made of stone, is located near Rovinj,Vodnjan, Kanfanar and Svetvincenat and is a preserved area of Istria that has avoided all forms of devastation and today the locals can say with great pride that their home is an area of pristine beauty featuring abundance in natural wealth, untouched nature and rich cultural and architectural heritage.

The district of Bale forms a whole with arable land, pastures, forests in which one can easily come across the remains of old buildings, Roman roads, water tanks, wells, Roman villas, oil presses, churches…

The silence that reigns over the paved alleys of this town can almost be heard and that is just one of a whole plethora of reasons why one should visit Bale – a jewel surrounded by the greenness of the flora and blueness of the sea.

▪ Location: Bale, Istria, Croatia
▪ Construction finished in: 2014
▪ Villa + land surface: 1.149 m2, completely fenced in (the fence is partially made in the typical old
wall stone, drywall)
▪ Villa surface: 191 m2 gross area (net area 159 m2)
▪ Portico (covered terrace in front of the kitchen and the living room): 25 m2 (net area)
▪ Outdoor storage (for tools, etc.): 15 m2 (net area 12 m2) – includes the electric installation
▪ Number of floors: 1
▪ Number of rooms: 4
– three bedrooms, each contains ensuite bathroom
– one living room
– one kitchen + storage

All the paperwork is finished and approved, building and use permit included
▪ Energy certificate: category B
▪ Central floor heating fully equipped with pellet furnace
▪ Possibility of connecting solar panels as an integration for heating and hot water ▪ Connection to municipal sewerage system is in operation since 2015
▪ Possibility for collecting rainwater (for irrigation purposes) into a large former septic tank ▪ Antenna TV, satellite, phone and internet are available
▪ Fully furnished, partly with antique pieces, equipped with all household appliances
▪ Environment decorated with old trees and new Mediterranean vegetation
▪ Total price: €389.000,00