Breathtaking villa on south coast of Hvar

Imagine an island with unforgettable historical features. An island that tells a story with each brick and street. And while you pass the monuments, the vineyards or the fields of lavender, you are warmly embraced by the mild climate’s sunshine. Picturing this, one can understand why Hvar is considered on of the ten most beautiful islands worldwide. Rich in culture, with a lovely climate, tremendous gastronomy, luxury apartments and grand hospitality, Hvar is most certainly one of Europe’s pearls.


If you can picture yourself living on this island, this villa will help you savour each moment of comfort, luxury and an amazing sea view. With a ground floor living area of 90 m2 and 120 m2 on the second floor, this villa is an ocean of space and luxury.

The top floor is equipped with a beautiful living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, bedroom, dressing room, two bathrooms with floor heating, two toilets, a functional space, three terraces and air-conditioning. Moreover, in the basement you will find another spacious apartment with a living area, kitchen, fireplace, bathroom with floor heating, toilet and a bedroom. Moreover, there are two storage rooms in the villa.

On the top floor there’s no less than 60 m2 of terrace space, whereas the ground floor gives access to an enormous 100 m2 garden equipped with another two outdoor showers. Lives, mandarins, grapefruit, palm trees, Aloe Vera, agave and many more delicious treats decorate the garden.


This beautiful villa is located on the south of the island in a quiet bay next to Hvar city. When talking a walk down the coastline it only takes twenty minutes to reach the centre. The boat will take you downtown in only five minutes, whereas a car drive will take seven minutes.

On the opposite side of the villa there’s a governmental residence that is used by the President of Croatia and some other government officials as a holiday residence.